Who we serve

Human Resources

From the ever-so-tight talent acquisition space to the growing global workforce, the need to influence, strategize, and advise has never been more relevant. With our proprietary reporting system, you will understand the number one resource that an organization has: its people. Our system serves the human resource department by helping them understand employees' communication styles and in turn how to best approach internal matters.

Coaching and Consultancy

Great communication is the key to successful coaching and consulting. It is the glue that binds those all-important relationships together. As a coach or consultant, your job is to improve your client through structured learning that delivers results. We help you do just that. Through consistent use and learning with our tools, you and your clients are going to better understand their communication strengths and how to leverage them to be more successful both personally and professionally.
  • Personal Development Coach
  • Executive Coach
  • Organizational Consultant

Sales and Services

The sales and services sector is the bloodline of any business; they deal with the customers, facilitate the acquisition, and maintain retention. Effective communication is critical for success in sales and customer service. Good communication skills can help you build rapport with customers, understand their needs, and persuade them to make a purchase or use your service. How do they do it? Through their experience, ability to adapt effectively and their Communication Intelligence.™ In a field where the relationship with the customer is paramount, it is equally important to understand how to leverage your communication strengths. Using our suite of tools will help you understand these strengths and ultimately improve your communication methods.

Marketing and Communication

All marketing is an act of communication. The marketing team and its message are most effective when they can understand and communicate the vision, strategy, and brand of an organization in an influential manner. By consistently delivering high-quality and relevant messages, businesses can foster loyalty and trust with their customers. Using our tools to better understand communication styles and strategies, your organization and team will have a distinct advantage in the world of marketing and communication.
  • Chief Marketing Officer
  • Communication Leaders
  • Customer Experience and Success

Innovation and Strategy

Great communication is more necessary than ever in this digital age. As industries in innovation become more technology-based, communicating effectively in a human-to-human capacity is going to give your department the boost needed to reach the next level. Whether you're heading a startup company or looking to further your long-standing finance business, effective communication is imperative to success. Our reporting system will help you understand your communication strengths and how to utilize them effectively.
  • Corporate Strategy Analyst
  • Business Development Manager
  • Product Manager

Information Technology

Even in a space dominated by technology, effective and flexible human interaction is a necessary key to success. We have to remember that even with the rapid integration of technology into the workforce, it is still humans that make the changes, not machines or microchips. Thus the importance of developing influential and impactful communication skills for the information technology space is paramount.
  • Chief Information Officer
  • Technical Professional


The strength of any organization is determined by the finance department. Having influential communication skills in this number-intensive discipline is fundamental. With effective verbal, non-verbal and interpersonal communication skills, you and your team will be able to powerfully portray how the corporate goals and overall mission are being met within your company.
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Financial Controllers
  • Finance Leaders


Organizational effectiveness and excellence are brought about by smooth internal operations and managing internal/external communications. From systems, processes, policies, planning, vendor relationships, staff, legal functions, reports, and performance, operations require excellent communication standards. Our reporting system will help you set those standards, understand how to achieve them, and execute them effectively across all channels.
  • Chief Operating Officers
  • Customer Service
  • Supply Chain Management


Cissy Bowman

I was introduced to Forté from UNCW which was achieving amazing results with the tool. We in Mt. Lebanon had recently gone through a reorganization and wanted to see if it could help us through this period to understand how best we could communicate with each other. It was used by our leadership team and […]

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Rick Olsen

The Forté system effectively teaches and helps its users to communicate and to adapt to any situation remarkably well. I have been using it for over a decade and have seen how it creates a huge shift in people’s mindsets and focus on how to adapt to others. This is so important as the basis […]

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Thomas Jenkinson

I use Forté to help me better select candidates for field-based roles which enables us to retain recruits for longer. The process involves profiling control groups of good performers and poor performers to achieve a base-line of both. There are clear, significant differences! From this understanding, we make informed decisions when selecting new employees and […]

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Terry Clark

I have used Forté “over a thousand times” with organizations ranging from Fortune 500 companies, different types of government, and military to small SMEs. To give you an example of how amazing this system is, when I was with Ply Gem Industries which is North America’s leading manufacturer of building materials, I frequently used the Forté system […]

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Sam Weber

We are in the hypergrowth stage and are using Forté to ensure that all team members are moving in the same direction. It is so important at the leadership level that a good example is set and this can be done through motivation and understanding. Each person’s communication, strength, and motivation are different and using […]

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Tim Crowe

I first used Forté when I was Global Process Engineering Director with Dell.  Amongst some of my responsibilities was having to recruit talent across the different sectors. It was absolutely crucial for growth and profits that I put the best possible person in the correct role. Before using Forté, qualifications, experience, interviewing and references were the […]

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Tommy Geary

My journey with Forté began over 15 years ago when I was a director at Dell. My focus at the time was on building a high-performing team and although we were using other tools and workshops to try to achieve this, we were still operating as individuals, and some people were more engaged than others. I […]

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Anthony Raja Devadoss

Before using Forté, we never had any tools that had a predictive analysis and it changed how we conducted our work. It enhances the outcomes and value-add of training programs that we conduct, especially for management and leadership levels. The insights from Forte allows our clients to understand themselves better and to collaborate better with […]

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Amy Moran-Moberg

"If you are looking for something that is very specifically related to building muscle around communication behaviours and intelligence, such as how people communicate with each other through verbal, writing, face to face or on the phone, this is the best thing I have ever seen in my 20 years in working in the OD, performance and leadership space.”

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