Tommy Geary

My journey with Forté began over 15 years ago when I was a director at Dell. My focus at the time was on building a high-performing team and although we were using other tools and workshops to try to achieve this, we were still operating as individuals, and some people were more engaged than others. I found that there was no real appreciation of the different styles and needs of other team members, so I wanted to find a quick, efficient communication tool that remedied this.

Initially, we didn’t know what to expect but very quickly the Forté system became our regular team builder. It allowed us to come together as a group more, get to know each other better, develop as a high-performing team and gain insights into individual development. We were able to work and deliver as a team more efficiently than ever before. 

Since then, Forté has stayed with me and my different team members. It’s phenomenal. By aligning facilitation and coaching, it gives so much value on a multi-year journey of improvement.  Not a snapshot or day workshop, it gives the full picture of insights into yourself and each other. It’s dynamic and truthful and is the biggest team-building differentiator versus anything else I’ve seen or used.

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