Rick Olsen

The Forté system effectively teaches and helps its users to communicate and to adapt to any situation remarkably well. I have been using it for over a decade and have seen how it creates a huge shift in people’s mindsets and focus on how to adapt to others. This is so important as the basis of all communication is situational.

We can teach basic communication principles, but these always need to be adapted to the unique configuration of the audience and situation. The same speech before lunch is the wrong speech after lunch, so understanding that you need to adapt quickly and effectively is one of the most important skills anyone will learn in their lifetime.

Before Forté, our students were defined in a large aggregate or collective manner. They were labeled as “Millennials” or “Gen Z.” Now we recognize the individual profile and strengths of each person or even the class as a team. As educators to these young, brilliant minds, this data facilitates and enhances our teaching in a strengths-based framework. For example, if a student is a non-dominant, extroverted, patient, and non-conformist, we understand that style and can teach the student to heighten communication opportunities and be resilient to challenges unique to them. This brings so much more clarity and openness to who they are, and the differences between people. It changes the focus from “I” to “We” and this is crucial as they enter the workforce.

Using Forté, we have witnessed students shine in the interview process. It changed their mindset from generic focused answers such as “I’m a hard worker, I’m a perfectionist, I’m a people person,” which really tells the employer nothing, to “I’ve taken this profile and I’m motivated by…” or when asked about their weaknesses, responding with “I understand that these are my demotivators and I am learning how to overcome them.” That is so powerful and demonstrates self-awareness, confidence, conviction, and communication excellence.

My faculty, students, and clients love the Forté communication system because it is both brief and brilliant. Everyone who takes it comments on the accuracy and how it is the catalyst for conversations that matter. No other tool I have come across can beat it. I recommend using Forté as you will open up a world of possibilities and personal empowerment.

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