Thomas Jenkinson

I use Forté to help me better select candidates for field-based roles which enables us to retain recruits for longer. The process involves profiling control groups of good performers and poor performers to achieve a base-line of both. There are clear, significant differences! From this understanding, we make informed decisions when selecting new employees and this has a real impact on our retention numbers. With the support and guidance of the Forté coaches, a hiring guide and training program is created for managers to learn what to look for and implement with recruitment, onboarding, and retention. What was surprising and welcome was through the Forté R-O-R, we learned that there were clear differences between the field-based role versus the team manager’s role. Traditionally we would go straight to the high-performing field-based employees when filling a team manager role. This did not always work out well but with Forté, we can now profile our top management, find a base trend and apply this for succession building. It’s not the silver bullet, but was certainly a nugget of gold for our recruitment, onboarding and retention processes.

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