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When you look at low efficiency, lack of clarity, and poor progress in the workspace, what do you always find? — a lack of effective interpersonal communication.

In the 1970s, founder CD “Hoop” Morgan was approached by a marketing client to create an assessment and communication tool to assist with just these types of problems. After copious research and engaging with over 200 existing assessments, he realized that there was no statistically validated or strengths-based tool available. So, he set out to create one.



Interpersonal communication takes place between two or more people. It is important to acknowledge that each individual brings to the table their own unique communication style and preferences. Often, we want others to communicate with us the way we do rather than offering an understanding of and adapting to their style of communication. Real trust and rapport are built when we acknowledge and allow for other people’s strengths to shine while simultaneously learning how to healthfully employ our own.
Building on the works of great scholars from the past like Hippocrates, Sir Francis Galton, Charles Darwin, and even ancient China, Hoop Morgan created the first statistically validated, strengths-based Communication Style survey. It uses cluster analysis and lexical theory to provide both the individual’s pattern and the intensity of their unique communication style.




Forté is Communication Intelligence. Regardless of sector or industry, management can understand the personal/interpersonal communication and behavior of their workforce and derive a team-based communication strategy to increase productivity. Forté helps build cultural competence for organizations seeking to invest in their individuals and teams, resulting in greater retention, satisfaction, and productivity.

What makes forte different

Forté’s innovative team communication system coupled with unparalleled customer support sets Forté apart, to be sure. But the real differentiator is its commitment to continuous improvement through ongoing validation. Forté boasts a 90% validation rate overall and backs this claim through the process of test/retest to ensure that the tool stays accurate and current. Applicability is everything!

Forté’s more than 6,500 clients worldwide also benefit from its global network of senior performance consultants and 24-hour support. Forté was the first of its kind to be offered fully online which allows for agility in these changing times.

Assessing an individual’s communication style should start with a focus on their strengths — not their weaknesses.

Forte Institute Founder, Hoop Morgan
Forte Institute Founder, Hoop Morgan. Photo by Cody Milewski of Cassian Films


CD “Hoop” Morgan is the founder and chairman of The Forté Institute, LLC, a global behavioral sciences firm best known for developing and providing innovative people, process, and interpersonal performance improvement solutions.

He is the author and developer of the proprietary Forté Communication Style Profile which has been used by more than 6 million individuals and 6,000 organizations throughout the world.

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