Forte is a strengths-based communication style process that shares the “who the person is”, “how they have been adapting to their environment over the past 30 days” and “how they are most likely coming across to others presently”


In addition, Forté provides a communication style strategy for each person to utilise for the next 30 days to ensure their message is being presented in the clearest fashion. It also provides measures of individual current logic style, stamina level, goals index and measures of resiliency.

the science

The Forté System is built on an algorithm of primary and adapting communication. Quantitatively validated, this instrument converts data into high-level mathematical formulas which are processed and distributed through AI. 

This data is then developed into easy to read reports that first portray the primary communication of individuals. This focuses on communication style, predominant preference, persuasion strengths, leadership style, environmental reactions, self-motivators, and de-motivators. Secondly, the focus turns to the adaptation of the individual which comprises of specific environment, specific individuals, strengths, logic style, stamina level, goals index and resiliency index.

A combination of statistics, field studies, the study of personal, interpersonal communication and behavior and AI make up the system.

Beginning with the combination of lexical theory, which is the relation of words or vocabulary of language to personality traits of the individual, along with cluster sampling, over 250,000 dimensions and four main styles of human communication – dominance, extroversion, patience, and conformity become apparent.

After, field and validity studies with millions of participants over 40 years, have produced proprietary algorithms, which identify communication strengths and behaviors associated with the workplace. This is a continuing validation process. Lastly, we combine theory, studies and technology to form easy to read, actionable reports that describe “who I am”, “how I adapt” and “how I am most likely percieved”.


Validity is extremely important in our field. Our perspective focuses on the interpretations and feedback a user gives on completion of reports. The purpose of this innovative perspective focuses on measurement of real world and realtime feedback. It provides a basis for both Forté and others in a pragmatic and optimal view.

Every day hundreds of reports are validated and the percentages combined twice annually. In our most recent, randomized validity chart, we can see that the average accuracy from feedback from over 37,000 users, demonstrates an excess of 90% accuracy.


A more in-depth explanation of the science in its entirety can be found in our Monograph.

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