Is your team able to bounce back from inevitable challenges and deliver extraordinary results?

According to Forbes, 78% of companies do not have resilience programs in place and only 28% are planning to offer them.

How do they do it, those individuals and teams that bounce back from tough situations or environments time and time again? The Forté Resiliency Measure can tell you, on a daily basis, those individuals who remain in what we call the Forté Resiliency Zone™.  

The Forté Resiliency Measure allows you to learn more about maintaining and enhancing the motivation and stamina in individuals and teams. It will also show how long they have been there, those moving away from resiliency (burn‐out) and those moving back toward resiliency.

This is the ultimate leadership and management tool, which provides the knowledge behind top performance sustainability — that elusive nugget that drives exceptional performance and growth from the self‐motivated nerve center of each contributor. Imperative to success, it gives each member the ability to understand the impact of their current environment and to rapidly adapt and respond to disruptions and obstacles.



The Forté Communication Style Profile

Figure 1

How you're adapting

The Forté Communication Style Profile

Figure 2

How you're most likely PERCEIVED

The Forté Communication Style Profile

Figure 3

Being able to get up, brush it off and keep going is a style and quality needed in teams, with a focus firmly set on business goals.

For most, this is not something that we are born with, rather it is brought about by experience and learning. Our Resiliency Measure helps you enhance this learning through solid metric analysis and trends over time.

The first step with the Forté Resiliency Measure is for each member of the team to complete the Communication Style Report. This demonstrates a person’s primary communication style (Fig.1), a person’s adaption to their workplace environment (Fig. 2), and by combining these findings, how the communication style of that individual is likely to be perceived by others in the workplace (Fig. 3).

Using this as a baseline, the Forté Resiliency Zone Report analyzes each person’s


  • Strengths
  • Motivators
  • Goals
  • Stamina
  • Logic


Take advantage of one of our plans — your Communication Coach will guide and work with you toward specific goal-orientated strategies, ensuring your team is at the forefront of communication excellence and gaining optimal results.