Accurately predict which candidate is the best fit for your culture and team.

90% of employees decide whether to stay or go within the first six months of employment.

The Profile Model Report is about recruiting smarter. Many will tell you this is the toughest job of all: hiring the right person the first time. (We tend to agree.) Even if you are hiring a temporary employee, typically, you are spending thousands and a mis‐hire means you will be doing the same thing all over again. So, what’s the solution?

We start by looking at your top performers. Based on their Fortè Communication Profile and Adapting trends, we will build a profile model that you can then apply to your recruiting process. If you are missing those top performers, simply speak with us about the behaviors you seek for the job and we can build a model to be used as both a hiring consideration and coaching tool once the person is employed.



The Forté Communication Style Profile

Figure 1

How you're adapting

The Forté Communication Style Profile

Figure 2

How you're most likely PERCEIVED

The Forté Communication Style Profile

Figure 3

Used by the hiring manager, the Profile Model is a powerful contributor to the recruiting process. By understanding and profiling the top 5%, you can develop a baseline trend on strengths to discover “What Good Looks Like” and apply this to your recruiting process.

Short-listed candidates then complete a Communication Style Survey that demonstrates a person’s primary communication style (Fig. 1), a person’s adaption to their workspace environment (Fig. 2), and how the communication style of that individual is likely to be perceived by others in the workspace (Fig. 3).

By combining this with the Profile Model, a pattern emerges that describes ideal performance in a given role. A structured interview and reference checks make the entire process more accurate and effective. Used also as an onboarding tool, The Profile Model Report is very effective at such a critical time to enable the new hire to integrate into a new team and new manager quickly.


When Forté is part of your business and you promote effective team communication, you are showcasing to the new hire that the organization is interested in developing and investing in them.

Take advantage of one of our plans — your Communication Coach will guide and work with you toward specific goal-orientated strategies, ensuring your team is at the forefront of communication excellence and gaining optimal results.