Start raising the level of performance in your team to exceed expectations.

60% of employees reporting to a manager that is not a good coach are thinking about quitting.

What are they doing differently, those individuals that just get it right, over and over again? With Forté Performance Coaching, you can learn how high potentials or top performers are adapting successfully. Then use the Forté Top Performer Coaching Reports to provide highly customized coaching strategies for both coach and coach-ee in sharing and developing the behaviors of success across the organization. Forté Performance Coaching is also completely customizable for any position, creating a comprehensive approach to team improvement through real-time performance coaching reports based on the top performers on your team.



The Forté Communication Style Profile

Figure 1

How you're adapting

The Forté Communication Style Profile

Figure 2

How you're most likely PERCEIVED

The Forté Communication Style Profile

Figure 3

Used in conjunction with the Communication Style Profile, your team members must first complete this step and understand their primary communication style and strengths (Fig. 1), their adaption to the critical coaching environment (Fig. 2), and how their communication style is perceived by others in the workplace (Fig. 3).

From these three areas, a Performance Coaching Report is created, identifying the success behaviors in the role. A coaching plan can then be generated for every member of your team. This is an invaluable resource for team coaches.

The Performance Coaching Report allows those in charge of enhancing team development to create an evidence-based methodology for their coaching plan. The adapting pattern results that are learned over time show which strengths are being optimized and those which can be further developed. It is easily administrated, understood, and creates clear, focused, and measurable coaching efforts and results.

Take advantage of one of our plans — your Communication Coach will guide and work with you toward specific goal-orientated strategies, ensuring your team is at the forefront of communication excellence and gaining optimal results.