What is the relationship between Forté and DEIB?

Forté is an effective diversity tool. Understanding and appreciating the diversity on your team and creating a culture of Belonging (the B!) will put your organization ahead of the rest. 

In situations where language diversity is an issue, typically the multi-lingual supervisors coach the employees on the completion of the Forté survey based on definitions of the Forté survey words provided those supervisors. 

One of the key advantages of the Forté system in diversity is use of the Interaction Reports, which spell out specific ways each individual can best communicate with others.

The fact that we offer Adapting Updates (as often as every 30 days) helps break walls down forever as continuing positive communication between the individuals is the true and only solution as time goes on.

Diversity can develop into a strength, there is not a quick fix. Use of the Forté 720o approach… whereby team members complete Forté Surveys by as many teammates/environments as they experience during their workday, further broadens interpersonal understanding. As Forté adapting information is updated, the respective teammates continue to find ways to work through whatever issues may have existed previously.

The Forté system does not dwell on the past…rather it presents solutions for today and the future. Forté never leaves the process.

Many times, diversity programs create even wider gaps between individuals if they accentuate or exacerbate what is different versus what is in common. While it is extremely important that an individual…from any background…understands what may make them unique in special ways, for purposes of self-understanding, it’s significantly more important, particularly in the business environment, to celebrate diversity in positive communication style processes and solutions.