How does the Forté system help develop better “soft” skills?

The Forté process is one that focuses on an individual’s “soft” skills, which is to say, their people skills. It is sharing the assets of highly accurate, focused, and effective people that makes an organization more effective. Think of Forté as quality control management for people. 

Forté is very visual…the computerized system generates graphs that show each employee how they are adapting-over the long term-and provides positive coaching prescriptions for top performance.

The Forté Adapting Profile can be updated as often as every 30 days. Forté Interaction Reports bring people together quickly, sharing insight and interpersonal mastery skills some individuals would never learn otherwise.

If you’re familiar with the book “EQ” by Daniel P. Goleman, which deals with how the EQ (emotional quotient) is probably more important than the IQ (intelligence quotient) in the workplace, think of Forté as CQ™…meaning the pathway to building the interpersonal communication quotient within your organization. Forté is what soft skills are all about, and the beauty of it is that Forté continues to help you maintain the soft skills growth so important for organizations to succeed in today’s environment.