How does Forté develop the Perceiver Profile when only the respondent completes a survey?

There are two sources from which to develop information regarding communication styles and then build models that can predict different communication styles with high degrees of accuracy. Those sources are 1.) self-perception and 2.) behavior observed by other individuals…either professionals or others close to an individual.

The Forté system is unique in that it provides the respondent with:

• Primary Profile – their life-long communication style and self-motivational preferences.

• Current Adapting Profile – how, over the last 30 days, they have been responding to either a general or specific environment or individual.

• Perceiver Profile (updated as often as every 30 days) – how they are “most likely” coming across to others now and for the next 30 days.

• Forté Communication Style Strategy – constructed from the last three points of information, a non-linear model computes a 30-day prescription for the respondent to follow so they best communicate their concerns and common needs in the most effective ways.

Hence, the Forté perceiver profile was developed through a convergence of self-perception AND observed behavior by Forté R&D First, if we know an individual’s primary communication style and strengths, plus…accurately…how they are currently adapting to a general or specific individual/environment, then it is quite possible…and practical…to learn from those individuals and those observing the individual…how they feel they are and how they are coming across to others. From this data Forté shares with the respondent how they are “most likely” coming across to others — and what to do about any “gaps.”

The Forté perceiver profile is computed as a result of the respondent completing Forté Survey 2, or adapting update Survey 3, (as often as every 30 days) over one’s lifetime. The results are instantaneous, the Forté perceiver information is automatically updated and the communication style strategy is very specific to whatever general or individual/environment the respondent was reacting to. 

The Forté perceiver profile is an important component of the Forté performance coaching and communication. Concerning the sensitivity of the Adapting to Perceiver Profile, if the respective adapting and perceiver patterns are more than two points different (either way) the appropriate communication style strategy paragraph is printed on Page 9. Research indicates that a gap of two points is the potential threshold for miscommunication. A gap of eight points or more warrants special attention.

The long-term gain from utilizing the Forté perceiver profile is the real-world trends on pages 12 & 13 of one’s adapting update report where “the story is told.” This trending information will share with the respondent how they proactively adapt to similar situations over time. Much of how they feel or what they need will become more effectively communicated…the first time. An individual’s interpersonal communication skills and productivity will grow positively.