What is the relationship between Forté and Team Leadership?

Leading people…at all levels…is more important today than ever before. Most of us have to do much more with less faster and better than ever before. Forté has a tool that helps each team leader, and those they lead, understand each others’ strengths and work together to maximize those strengths for the benefit of your organization.

The team leaders are asked to complete Forté surveys using the simple question: “How your team members expect you to act.” We can customize this question to reflect any possible environment. The Forté system will provide the team leader with current information on how he/she/they are adapting to either a general or specific team member or environment. The team leader will also be given a very specific set of communication “prescription” to follow for the next 30 days to most effectively communicate with that team member.

The Forté system also provides the team member being supervised a profile of their strengths, along with a specific report that indicates how they are currently adapting to their team leader, and how the team leader is most likely perceiving their communication style. The team member is then given a very specific 30-day prescription of how to best communicate with their team leader to accomplish both their goals.

The Interaction Report provided by Forté shares with them how to best communicate with one another and build a lasting relationship of trust. This presents each profile side by side for clear understanding and offers a heads up to possible pitfalls in the relationship and how to avoid them. 

The Forté system also predicts employee burn-out or rust-out, and identifies those leaders or team members who continually maintain higher levels of interpersonal productivity. This provides a road map to coach the “B” performers to adapt the way the top performers are so the whole team can be successful together.