How does the Forté system help with hiring and recruitment?

From the most recent “talent war” struggles to the trend of “quiet quitting,” hiring right the first time has never been more important. And a bad hire has never been more costly. 

Forté isn’t meant top be used as a screening tool to eliminate a candidate. Rather, Forté is used as an identifier of an applicant’s communication style strengths and how those strengths can best be used… along with their other skills…to be most productive for your organization. Think in terms of culture and value add to your current company culture. Through Forté’s breakthrough interpersonal technology and research, organizations are learning that top performance is the direct product of an individual’s competency, skill set, adapting communication style, and flexibility.

The Forté system identifies the applicant’s primary communication style, how they are currently adapting, and how they are most likely coming across to others. At the point of interview or employment (your choice) organizations share with the applicant the top performing adapting styles for the position they are seeking to fill. The applicant is given specific information on how they will best “hit the street running” with the team, and most importantly…why this particular style of communication is working. They will be adapting to the work environment anyway…so, why not do it quickly and effectively?

Forté interaction reports are shared between the new hire and their team…thus the team is energized, not diluted, as the new member comes aboard.