How does Forté fit into customer service?

Simply put, effective communication skills are essential for providing great customer service. Before someone can be highly effective in customer service, they need to know their own individual strengths and how to apply them in positive and productive ways. The Forté Communication Style profile helps each customer service representative gain an instant understanding of:

  • how to best utilize their strengths
  • how to most effectively communicate and listen to the customer
  • how to effectively adapt to the needs of that customer
  • how to understand the follow-through process required to achieve higher levels of customer service satisfaction.

The Forté system is often used with the customer in building a stronger or preferred relationship. If your organization has identified key customers you want to keep especially happy, then the Forté system has a process that involves both your organization’s customer service representatives and those they serve in the customers organization. This bridge will give you a strategic advantage over your competitors in serving your key customers.

Look at it this way, too: Customer service builds business and supports branding. The Forté system helps you build people and customer relationships. Forté also provides ongoing Adapting Update information for customer service representatives to best serve specific customers within each client organization. “Cookie cutter” customer service programs don’t work. Forté allows you to create customized customer experiences that will bolster your bottom line and support your organization’s longevity.