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Coming from a military background, Terry Clark knows how crucial good communication skills can be within an organization.

Today, he works for Ply Gem Industries, which is the third largest manufacturer of residential windows in the United States. Its largest clients are Lowe’s and Home Depot, and they also sell to lumber yards across the country. Ply Gem sells both new and renovated windows, patio doors, and sliding glass doors.

“Forté is three-dimensional because of the tools that accompany it. It is an ongoing process and it tracks you. The ultimate feature of forté is that once you trend out over time, you develop a profile.”

Since Terry has been working with the Forté Interpersonal Profile for so many years, he has been able to use it “over a thousand times” with organizations ranging from Fortune 500 companies and different types of government, including the military.

Working with Ply Gem, Terry uses the Forté Interpersonal Profile to coach their current employees and he also has used it throughout the hiring process.

“We needed to start recruiting those who were successful. We profiled our bottom third and our top performers (top 4%) to see if there was a trend line profile. There was. Once we identified that, we began recruiting. We found that when the Forté profile along with their background, product knowledge, and communication skills, all aligned, we were more successful with getting that person into the selling mode than other groups.”

Terry believes that the only way to use the Forté Interpersonal Profile is with all the tools in place. Using all phases of the “toolbox” is the correct way to do it.