How Forte Works Download the Forte Monograph 2017 (pdf)
The Forté primary profile (survey - takes just four minutes to complete) is a genetic, or cradle-to-grave, profile that identifies an individual's natural interpersonal communication style/strengths. From each individual's primary profile Forté presents the environment each person needs to be self-motivated, a self-starter, effective and productive. Learn each person's top five self-motivators.

The Forté adapting profile (survey - takes four minutes to complete) identifies how an individual has been adapting to their environment over the past 30-day period. We learn from experience, the Forté system documents the learning experience for forward growth. Forté further captures how an individual or team is adapting to a specific environment, specific individual, or both. Through the Forté adapting update system (survey - takes two minutes to complete), the respondent is provided updates on how they are adapting their strengths plus their current logic style, current stamina level and current goals index. These strengths have a numeric value, as well, and may be tracked/charted over an entire work or lifespan. Tracking the adapting updates is a continuous process that is utilized in coaching for performance improvement.

In addition, with each adapting update, the respondent is provided an updated Forté perceiver profile; how that individual is most likely coming across to others for the next 30 days. The perceiver profile includes up to four personalized interpersonal communication strategies to most effectively communicate their needs to others for the next 30 days.

Unique to the Forté system is the ability to compare the intensity dimensions of the primary, adapting and perceiver profiles to measure tendencies or trends toward high performance, burn-out or rust-out . . . for both individuals and teams.

Individual Forté profile information is combined to develop Forté composite team profiles for use by teams and other organizations seeking the enhancement of interpersonal and team productivity. As with the individual, the team composite profiles are updated every 30 days for measurement and growth through the Forté Performance Coaching System.

The Forté System, which is online, can profile all employees, spouses and other family members of employees, potential hirees, and clients/customers. The Forté Institute offers Forté System Orientation, Forté System Certification I and II, and other training programs that includes:

Team Building (a four modular system)
1. Individual Strengths
2. Meeting the Team
3. Team Problem Solving
4. Team Empowerment

Communicating to Hire
A complete hiring system to improve retention and productivity by hiring the right person the first time.

Performance Coaching
An efficient and effective method to coach any individual to higher levels of performance by all coaches/managers at any level within an organization.

Executive Communication
Customized applications for retreats, offsites, etc.

The Forté system overlays many other training processes or programs via institution of the Forté site license. The Forté Interpersonal Continuous Process Improvement Module and Forté Performance Coaching Model details the system further.

What Your Organization Can Do Once You Are a Forté User...
Once an individual or organization has empowered the Forté process they are able to continuously enhance productivity via growth of the interpersonal communication skills of all concerned. The Forté system identifies individual leadership styles, provides interaction reports between individuals to build relationships of trust . . . and through adapting profile updates grow/maintain those relationships. The Forté system is unique in that it provides a lifespan understanding of an individual and/or team, as well as how they can successfully continue to adapt to their life or work environment. Forté facilitates the learning process.

Our clients report many team building programs they have tried failed because the focus was one or two team building sessions versus the lifespan process Forté facilitates. Forté never leaves the individual or team.

To further insure success, every 30 days the Forté Performance Coaching Module develops specific recommendations for each teammate on how to best adapt to top performance models developed by the client/team utilizing their Forté system. The Forté Performance Coaching System has the flexibility to shift the coaching recommendations instantly as conditions warrant. Written suggestions are provided each teammate and Forté Performance Coaching even provides written coaching instructions for each coach to grow their skills as well.

The Forté system is utilized globally. The ultimate goal of the Forté system is to teach individuals and teams their strengths and then how they can become empowered to manage interpersonal performance improvement levels for themselves and the teams of which they are an important part.

Communication Variables

A Short Course on Forte Communication Styles

While people are generally aware that they have communication strengths which govern their everyday behavior or communication style, they are not aware that these communication styles are well defined and produce specific and unique profile patterns. 

An individual's communication style can be determined, shared and enhanced through the use of the Forte Interpersonal Communication System.

In most profiles, a primary communication style strength will be evident, which, depending upon the intensity of the strength, will control that individual's attitude, action and responses 50% to 60% of the time.

The measurement of communication style strength intensity (the distance from the graph's center line) will range from 0 to 36 above or below the center line, a 72-point scale. The importance of this measurement will become apparent as communication style categories are discussed below.

The following information will assist you in understanding the characteristics of the four primary strengths listed.  Keep in mind that these strengths reflect how you think, understand, are self-motivated and relate and can come across to others; thus, there is tremendous value in knowing your communication style characteristics and the characteristics of others. Click Strengths below for details


While there are over 250,000 possible strength combinations that can be generated by the Forte system, The Forte Institute provides much more than the basic Communication Style Profiles.  The Forte system measures how one is adapting to their environment, their logic style, and stamina level; the Forte system can create top-performer profiles for any job position; it can build model profiles and design interaction strategies between individuals, pinpointing areas of potential conflict.  The Forte system is the ideal team-development tool that will enhance understanding and communication among team members.

The Forte system is quick, easy to understand, and extremely accurate in its analysis. And, of great importance to your budget, Forte is very cost-effective.