Forte Communication Profile Model

Forté Profile Model Report
Forté Communicate to Hire Report is a powerful process that helps match potential candidates to the job much more effectively.

It helps Hiring Managers to objectively assess the communication strengths of each candidate. Forté accurately identifies the key behaviours that are required for the role by creating an “Ideal Style”. This is developed through Forté identifying the strengths of existing top performers or by surveying three role experts, who know the job well..

Shortlisted candidates then complete a Forté Communication Style Survey online and a comparative report of candidates’ patterns with the “ideal pattern” is provided to the Hiring Manager. This “ideal pattern” is also used to create relevant behavioral interview questions.

The Report Contains:
  • A detailed Forté report of each candidate which outlines their leadership style, strengths, motivators, and demotivators.
  • A Forté Ideal Candidate Profile (ICP).
  • Forté comparative report comparing the ICP with candidates.
  • Forté Interaction reports which inform how to on-board & best manage the successful candidate.
Business Benefits
  • Improved “hire-right-the-first-time” selection rate. 48% of Hiring Managers report that they will be in-vesting more time and effort into the quality of candidates they hire
  • Accuracy is critical when hiring, particularly in the current economic climate, as recruiting the wrong person can cost an organization 2.5 times the employee’s annual salary.
  • Objective assessment of candidate strengths. Fewer jobs for more applicants makes the hiring decision even more complex; 76% of Hiring Managers have noticed an increase in the number of unsuitable applications as they have fewer roles to fill.
  • Better retention rates for new hires due to customized on-boarding strategies.
  • Managers easily use Forte to accelerate the new hire’s settling-in period.
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Client Testimonial
quoteAs a 25 year user of the Forté Institute's products, I have been on the ground floor of nearly all the value added products you have brought out over the years. The most significant contribution to our executive mission, specifically in sales has been the Top Performance Profile Model. This tool has enabled us to substantially "raise the bar" in our sales recruiting, backed up with a coaching benchmark for existing sales persons needing help in taking their sales to the next level.quote-Terry Clark, Director of Sales and Training, Ply Gem Windows

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