Forte Communication Interaction Report

Forté Interaction Reports
The Forté Interaction Report is a valuable tool in building and maintaining relationships and teams. It helps two people communicate more effectively to accomplish common goals in a positive and productive way. The report details each person’s communication style and outlines how they can best work together. Importantly, it highlights potential areas of misunderstanding and how to overcome them. The objective of the report is to create a direction and measurement for the development of a positive, trusting relationship.

The Report Contains:

Forté Communication Style Profiles for each person. This detailed report outlines each person’s key strengths, their leadership style, sensitivities, motivators, de-motivators, and where there is any potential for conflict.
  • A comparison between primary preferences of communicating.
  • A comparison between the current adapting styles in the designated environment.
  • Coaching on how best to communicate with each other so that each person’s ideas are accepted, understood and acted on.
  • A summary of areas of potential misunderstanding.
  • Specific direction in how to maintain a positive trusting, relationship.
Business Benefits
  • Encourages the appreciation and benefits of others’ strengths, even if very different from our own.
  • Improves synergy in working relationships, therefore maximizes performance.
  • Risk-free guide to improving relationships with anyone.
  • Simple strategies to improve relationships that are easy to implement.
  • Demonstrates proactive action to reduce the impact of poor working relationships.
  • The first step in building understanding of one’s strengths is the Forté Communication Style Report. This is the natural second step to building understanding of another person’s strengths and how we balance with each other.
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Sample Report

Client Testimonial
quoteIn over 20 years as an executive coach and consultant, I have yet to find a communications tool as fast and effective as Forté and specifically Forté Interation Reports, in creating almost instantaneous understanding and sustaining long-term trust between colleagues and team members. quote-Rob Berkley, visionday.com

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