Analyzing your unique methods that help build and maintain successful team relationships.

For organizations and business leaders, there is a new imperative: examine, understand, develop, and implement a variety of solutions to support 21st-century careers. Only a focus on experiences, new career models, data-driven tools, and L&D offerings will enable companies to develop, retain, and reinvent the right talent at the right time.

Powerful, concise, and immediately actionable. This five‐page report shares with two individuals “who” they are, how they are currently adapting to one another, and insight into possible future miscommunication. The Interaction Report will highlight potential misunderstandings and how to handle them in a proactive manner.



The Forté Communication Style Profile

Figure 1

How you're adapting

The Forté Communication Style Profile

Figure 2

How you're most likely PERCEIVED

The Forté Communication Style Profile

Figure 3

Used to build and maintain team relationships by sharing communication strengths, adapting styles, and motivators, individuals learn how they best work together. This report helps settle or prevent interpersonal misunderstandings and is the third step toward effective team communication.


The Interaction Report works to support the Communication Style Report.


Your team members must first complete this step and understand their primary communication style and strengths (Fig. 1), their adaption to the workplace environment (Fig. 2), and how their communication style is perceived by others in the workplace (Fig. 3).


By combining each person’s communication style report into an interaction report, an understanding is developed of how they will work together. This is very powerful for all sectors, allowing management to create the “dream team,” creating unity and deep understanding.


The report details each person’s communication style and outlines how they can best work together. It highlights potential areas of misunderstanding and how the team can overcome them. This report can be updated every thirty days to provide dynamic and consistent insight.


This detailed report outlines:


  • Primary strengths of both parties
  • How each party is currently adapting
  • Motivators/De-motivators
  • Strengths Interaction
  • Potential for Conflict


Take advantage of one of our plans — your Communication Coach will guide and work with you toward specific goal-orientated strategies, ensuring your team is at the forefront of communication excellence and gaining optimal results.